Social Media Deck

For case study deck with complete analytic and content information, please inquire: daniellecwallis@gmail.com.

Client: Free People

Duties: Social media management and content production. Ownership of flagship social media accounts. Content creation and assistance for corporate office accounts.

Client: Bob Cut Mag

Duties: Fashion editor & digital brand management. Creative strategy and curation development for all social media accounts. Source content from local influencers, locations, and businesses. Production and ideology of original content.

Client: Sandoval Aromatics

Duties: Content creation and photo shoot production. Curation and creative strategizing of social media accounts.

Client: Kendo Brands

Duties: Product and prop stylist for Kat Von D Beauty's "Go Big or Go Home" mascara.

Client: Pocky

Duties: Product and prop stylist for social media content. Sourced backdrops and handmade original props for imagery and video.

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