Writing sample with human psychology in mind:

I flipped the channel to MTV. Commercial, commercial, commercial. I rolled my eyes and started to drift into the kitchen for another scoop of Ben & Jerry’s. In the background, I heard the familiar voice of my favorite pop star, Lady Gaga. My mind raced: “Is she releasing new music?” “Is she starring in a new TV series?” I skipped back to the bright television set.

I saw Gaga spinning and dancing on a grassy mountain in Los Angeles. Next, a new perfume by Valentino floated onto screen. My right eyebrow arched with interest. Gaga was endorsing it; so I have to check it out, right? What are the notes? Where is it sold? 

Command of metaphor, precision, & simplicity:

Venus in Aries is like a hunter on a conquest for food. Upon finding their mate, Aries Venus wastes no time in capturing & assuming ownership. Love is a mission, and nothing will stop them from getting whomever they desire.

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